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Short of resigning myself to travelling to Brighton every weekend, my twin sister (also gay, from Brighton. But since I could not spend another night in a straight bar with my straight friends (listening to them talk endlessly about make-up and the Kardashians) I thought why the hell not? In my first week, I spent quite a long time reading up on the profiles of those I was about to message. Twinny's advice was to send them a “Hi” or “Hey how are you?No, we won't be in your movie) talked me into joining a well-known dating website to expand my horizons a bit. If nothing else, at least I may make some new friends that won't spend our evenings preaching to me about their man-friends and why I shouldn't wear Paisley. Those of you who have been online dating for a while in Gay-Land have probably been rolling your eyes for a good few paragraphs. I thought it would make me look considerate and thoughtful. ” at most, because if they liked the look of me, they'd reply. if they don't like me, “They aren't going to read all that crap you wrote about your cat.” As my bottom lip started to tremble, I glanced over at my sister’s full message box then decided to buck up a bit and take her advice. No Sarcasm Now we all should know by now that sarcasm doesn't work in anyone's favor on the internet.Meeting another flannel wearin’, non-vegan-hot-dog eatin’, Tig Notaro lovin’ queer in the city can be rough.If you just moved here or are new to the lesbian dating scene, it can be intimidating and there are actually only so many distastrous vodka-soda nights at Cubby Hole you can take before it’s time to re-evaluate your game.Mad approval on format and layout: crisp light blue and subdued greys, minimal squares separating content, and clear views of women.New apps, particularly those targeting women, tend to go overboard with GIRL COLORS and BRIGHT FUN GRAPHICS.It had really been built just for dating reasons, but it just shows the much greater need within the community for a way for women to meet each other."Exton described the HER user experience as being one specifically tailored for a female audience, and mentioned that the same methodology of apps like Grindr just didn't work with women."When you just have a picture of someone's face you don't really have a huge amount to talk about at that time, nothing is a really good conversation opener." Exton explained."We restructured profiles to be better suited for women.

If time had permitted, I would have talked to you for hours.

), said it was a matter of timing and Phoenix being closer to HER's headquarters in San Francisco.

There are many things make HER a unique dating app, the primary being that it’s an app for women who date women made and run by women.

Lo and behold, one year later, and it’s time for me to review two more leaps in cyberdating: One an app, one a website, and both designed with the LGBTQ community in mind. Both Wing Ma’am and Mesh are made for and by queer women, so I have high expectations that at least one might be the next great contribution to my commitment issues. My first impression of Wing Ma’am was, “Oooh nice font,” because I just adore a modern, clean text.

It’s the simple pleasures of working on the internet that keep you from gouging your eyes out in a fit of pique.Local Lesbian is a free lesbian dating website where you can meet local women for free.

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