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Outside of North America, "shopping precinct" and "shopping arcade" are also used.In North America, Gulf countries, and India, the term shopping mall is usually applied to enclosed retail structures (and is generally abbreviated to simply mall), while shopping centre usually refers to open-air retail complexes; both types of facilities usually have large parking lots, face major traffic arterials, and have few pedestrian connections to surrounding neighbourhoods.The depopulated homes were occupied by Jewish refugees from Middle Eastern countries, mainly Iraq.Some of the land in Malha had been purchased before the establishment of the state by the Valero family, a family of Sephardi Jews that owned large amounts of property in Jerusalem and environs.When Irgun reinforcements arrived, the Palestinians retreated and Malha was in Jewish control, but 17 Irgun fighters were killed and many wounded.The Arab inhabitants fled to Bethlehem, which remained under Jordanian control.Many early shopping arcades such as the Burlington Arcade in London, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, and numerous arcades in Paris are famous and still trading.However, many smaller arcades have been demolished, replaced with large centers or "malls", often accessible by vehicle.

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Shopping malls in 2017 accounted for 8% of retailing space in the United States.

Technical innovations such as electric lighting and escalators were introduced from the late 19th century.

From the late 20th century, entertainment venues such as movie theaters and restaurants began to be added.

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Jim Lange, who died of a heart attack Tuesday at age 81, hosted many game shows during his decades-long career, but it was his work on "The Dating Game" that made him the most famous.… continue reading »

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She sat next to Angel’s mother, Dimitria Sarantakos, during the performance.… continue reading »

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Simply enter your nickname and connect to the chatroom instantly.… continue reading »

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We had a lovely time, chatting together like two girls (or perhaps one girl and one crossdressing sissy) anywhere about almost everything.… continue reading »

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It's commonly referred to as the "Molecular Relay." I don't understand all the science behind it, but it works.… continue reading »

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You need tools to check your grammar, perfect your punctuation, and hone your craft.… continue reading »

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Dating has always been hard, and the rise in popularity of dating apps has made the process simultaneously easier and much more difficult.… continue reading »

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