Validating xml writer

12-Jan-2018 18:43

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This tree shows all the elements defined in the DTD/XML Schema, their relationships and attributes.

Flat layout mode displays an alphabetical list of all of the elements defined in the DTD/Schema including their child elements and attributes.

FWIW, the data validation is based on a named range. When I've set up data validation in the past, the selection is the same width as the cell. I found one that searches a Stream, but I don't know how to convert from string to stream. I see that there is an option called "Ignore blanks" in the data validation settings, which is supposed to restrict someone from entering past an input cell without entering valid data, if the "Ignore blanks" box is unchecked.

In this case, the list starts almost a full cell width to the left. Thanks, Barb Reinhardt Barb, In Excel2003 I can replicate what you describe under the following conditions: 1. I have a method that returns a string that contains XML, and I need to parse that string (ie. I have tried to do this, but it does not seem to work.

Intelligent Entry Helpers Above is a screenshot of the XML Entry Helper.

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It allows to load and modify xml, xsd and xsl docs and perform theirs validation, also using an embedded browser.

Its cleaner because of the simple but logical API and its safe and standard conform because of the automatically done checking against the the DTD.

But still: it might be a matter of taste whether one finds XMLWriter usefull or not and it probably has some bugs (i would appreciate a lot if you report them to me), many usefull features are missing, not implemented or not even thought of and perhaps the API with all its simpleness might be confusing though.

XMLWriter contains 3 packages: which gives you the document object, which provides the element/tag objects and which represents the parsed character data the document contains.

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There'll probably come more objects in feature releases. It provides some methods you can call on every document element, but besides those methods it uses the AUTOLOAD feature of perl to expect every not known method name to be the name of a tag that should be added to the list of child tags of the element the method is called on.As you navigate through your XML document, the Entry Helper displays, in is a tool that allows you to compose an XML document based on an existing DTD or XML Schema.

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