Xperl health bar not updating

19-Sep-2017 06:22

I have read all the questions and replies here about this and yet still no answer.I am trying to bind a widget health bar to my enemy AI.By using single main event handlers, we can route the events to appropriate units.So, for example, when a single UNIT_HEALTH update is fired, then just a single raid frame or party frame etc.Debuff Highlights in standard debuff colours on all friendly frames.Priority given to show debuffs that YOU can cure first.

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'In-combat' indicators for Pet, Target, Target's Target, Party, Party pets, Raid, MT Targets.

It appears above his head, facing camera, all good. My hero displays his health, no problem, so I am assuming it is how I am approaching the Event Graph in the Widget BP. I think its a really easy step I am missing, if anyone could point it out, that would be awesome!