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The four soldiers were arrested June 3, hours after the alleged victim reported the incident and submitted to an examination at a Calloway County hospital, according to Kentucky State Police Senior Trooper Jody Cash.

Anthony Tubolino, 25, faces charges of second-degree rape, second-degree sodomy and unlawful transaction with a minor, according to a Kentucky State Police news release.

The group was in the area for training drills in preparation for the 438th Military Police Company’s annual training, according to a Kentucky National Guard statement.

“The victim was provided alcohol and was then sexually assaulted by these four suspects,” the state police release said. The alleged victim in this case was a willing participant and while she may have been intoxicated, was not unconscious.

A woman walks through snow at night and we see her under a mound of snow in the morning; she gets up and appears to be OK (her skin is slightly blue tinged).

A dog chases a woman walking through woods, it bites the comforter that she is wearing and tugs on it as she yells at the dog until she drops a DVD and the dog runs away with it.

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A woman takes a taxi a long distance, and then runs away without paying; the driver honks, but does not pursue her.